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Please follow this link to see how we are planning to spend our Sports Funding from April 2018 to March 2019.            

Please follow this link to see how we spent our Sports Funding from April 2017 to March 2018.



2016-17 Update (June 2017)

The Government continues to provide schools with Primary Sports Premium Funding to enable them to further improve their sports provision. This funding is due to continue for the next year at the same level; there is a possibility that this may increase in the future, although schools may need to put together bids for it; however, no firm information is available yet.

Schools are accountable for how the money is spent and Ofsted also monitor this.  For 2016/17 this amount was a little over £8,000 for our school.  Costings below are approximated to provide a guide.

We continue to have close links with Anthony Gell School within our School Sports Partnership and this has enabled us to access a good range of sporting opportunities for the children. We access the Local Authority Swimming Programme for KS2 children (charged separately) and actively embrace other opportunities; making use of out-of-school links where possible, including the Whitehall Residential Experience for Y5&6 in March 2017, which we subsidised using Sports funding (£950).This is planned again in October 2018 and we are also beginning to develop links with the newly opened Mount Cook Adventure Centre nearby.  Using the Sports Funding available to our school, we continue to further improve the PE and Sport we offer, aiming to include as many children in as wide a range of opportunities as possible.

Our partnership with AGS, including membership of Rural Derbyshire Schools Partnership (£1000 p/a) enables us to access a wide range of Festivals, Competitions, Staff training and Wider Sports (e.g. cycling). Some activities incur a modest subsidy.  This year we entered the following festivals and competitions in addition to regular PE sessions:

Y1&2 Dance Festival, Y3&4 Hockey, Y6 Water Polo, Inclusive Multiskills Festival, Sportshall Indoor Athletics and Trigolf Y3-6 (£239). We are also hoping to take part in the KS1 Multiskills festival, a Cricket event and the Quadkids outdoor athletics festival. All children also take part in our Sports Day and Cross Country Running Event.

Within school we also offer Swimming lessons (Y3-6), Golf coaching (Y3-6), Cricket coaching (Y3-6) (£315), PE 5/60 Sport and Lifestyle Course (Y3/4), Tennis Coaching (Y3) and Cycling sessions (Y5/6). Our Y2 and Y5/6 children have also been introduced to Orienteering this year.

Out of school we offer a Sports Club and Orienteering Club. We have good links with local Sports Clubs, who often provide taster sessions free of charge. There is also the opportunity for children to attend the following clubs locally (charge to parents): Cricket Club at Wirksworth, Athletics Club in Matlock, Hockey Club in Wirksworth, Wrestling Club in Middleton.

Tom Ellison, our Specialist Sports Coach, has worked with children throughout the year to support the children and staff development in the following areas: gym, multiskills, hockey, team games and coordination games (£2485). He also continues to offer a popular Sports Club after school (charged separately) and has also run successful Holiday Clubs on the premises (charged separately).

We continued to support our Gifted/Talented and Y5/6 pupils through a series of extra small-group PE sessions on a Friday afternoon, run by James and Janice of the SSP (£40 per session for four terms). This has given the children extra confidence and skills to prepare them for secondary school and familiarise them with different games, skills and techniques (eg boccia). We hope to continue this in a similar format next year.

Chelsea Elliott joined our staff as our first-year Sports Apprentice (£2500) and she has worked hard with children up to Y4 and with our Y5 Sports Leaders. She has inspired the children through her love of sport and has also introduced an Orienteering Club for the Y2 children, also working with the Y5 Sports Leaders, following on from their introduction to orienteering at Whitehall this year. Chelsea has worked with us on a Wednesday and is involved in other schools in the cluster for the rest of the week.  She has worked with children during PE sessions, supporting staff in their delivery of PE and working with groups of children to reinforce the teaching.  Following the “Change for Life” conference in Matlock, Chelsea has worked with the Y5 Sports Leaders to encourage active sports participation in school, including parachute games at lunchtime.

We have continued to use the Community Transport Scheme where possible this year (£200). This has helped to simplify the organisation of getting children to events during the school day, if enough parents aren’t available to offer lifts or if there are larger numbers of children involved.

We ensure that children are always accompanied and supervised by our school staff when they attend events and festivals either in or out of school time (£150), so that they feel supported and encouraged.

This year we very proudly gained the Sainsbury’s “Gold” Kitemark for sport and participation, which recognises the increased the range of competitions and events available to our children and our links with local clubs.

Our success in sport is improving as a school and we have some talented individuals. Once again last year, all our Y6 children could swim at least 25m by the end of the year and we continue to adjust our swimming programme to enable as many children as possible to access this opportunity.  Our Y6 children were placed fourth in the Water Polo League and our Y3/4 children made fantastic progress and played with real enthusiasm and determination in the Hockey tournament.  Almost all our Y5&6 children will once again have represented the school in a competition or at a sports conference by the end of this year; we continue to work hard to encourage this.

Many of our children attend local sports clubs regularly. These include: Hockey, Football, Cricket and Wrestling.  Steph Spencer offers taster Athletics sessions for the children in Y3-6 and she continues to offer an adult running and fitness club on two mornings a week, which several of our parents and carers attend. Our staff also provide positive role models for the children as far as possible; participating in many activities including: running, walking, swimming, cycling, zumba, pilates and even “Boot Camp!”

We also continue to facilitate a local running club from the Village Hall on a Tuesday morning. We publicise this to our parents and highlight this to our children to encourage a lifelong enjoyment of exercise and sport.

Our children have an enthusiastic and positive view of Sport & PE. All children access at least 2 hours of curriculum PE overall through the year and we aim to sustain this.  The older children are very aware that physical exercise has a positive impact on their emotional as well as their physical health and they value it as part of a healthy lifestyle.  They see it as an essential part of learning and understand that it impacts positively on their behaviour, concentration and therefore their academic achievements in school. 

Next year we are looking to continue to strengthen and build upon this foundation. We feel we offer a good range of varied opportunities by using our Sports Funding and we continue to bear the costs carefully in mind while continuing to look for value. 

We aim to access further staff training as available and continue to develop our clubs and links locally. Tom works with classes for one and a half days a week and runs the after school “Healthy Club” and Holiday Clubs. Chelsea works with us on Wednesdays as our new Sports Apprentice, building on the foundations which were laid over the previous two years. She also supports the Walking Bus, works with our Y5 Leaders and runs the Orienteering Club after school.  The field is now a more level surface for sports (moles permitting!), although the slope is sometimes a challenge! We have re-surfaced the lower playground and added markings (£621) to encourage both sport and curriculum use.  We have also incorporated the climb-on-and-balance train for the younger children into our field area and this is proving a popular choice during playtimes and lunchtimes. In the future, we would also like to develop our outside space further with a more robust basketball/netball area and possibly outdoor table tennis.  We will be using the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers again to order new equipment and we continue to update our resources with any extra funds as they become available.

Ingrid Moore (PE Coordinator) June 2017


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