Puffins - Mrs Isle, Mrs Kniveton (TA), Mrs Repton (SENTA) and Mrs Pepper (SENTA)

Puffins - productive and playful 

Dinosaur Fun

Watch out there's a dinosaur about!

Having fun with our augmented reality book


"The children are always polite and controlled at collection times and I know that I can always discuss any concerns with Mrs Isle or Mrs Kniveton" Parent (April 2017)


"Family atmosphere, great outdoor space, approachable and supportive teachers who treat each child as an individual – child centred approach."  Parent (April 2017)

Online Safety Day 2018

We watched the Safer Internet Day story 'The Three Little Monsters'.  The children talked about what they like to do online and who can help them if they needed advice.  We also drew pictures of what we like to do at school and we've posted the pictures below to show how things can be shared online.